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Twilight Surfer
Early morning in Sumatra with the Oakley team. We jumped in the water before the sun came up to capture some flash photos. Pro surfer Adriano De Souza dropped in on a larger wave during a nice set. At that point I knew I should move to get out of the impact zone but I didn’t want to miss the quick shot. I am so glad I stayed where I was because I scored this amazing angle with the sunrise in the background. But my intuition was correct — just after this photo was taken I got pounded by the wave. It was worth it for this gem of a photo.
Photo by Pompermayer

about dreaming and longing (by Jana Stormanns)
Q: What about Courteny ?

Ehh she’s definitely a great friend better than most but idk :3

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Wave check, BB, San Onofre

'each man kills the thing he loves
each man kills the thing he loves
some when young, some when old
some with passion, some with gold
each man kills the thing he loves’